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En Mashable podemos encontrar un impresionante listado con cerca de 500 aplicaciones gratuitas de Código Abierto.

Os extraigo las que se refieren a Diseño Gráfico y 3D:

Ajax Image Editor – Open source image editor using PHP.

ArgoUML – ArgoUML is a popular open source UML modeling tool compatible with any Java platform.

Avidemux – A simple video editor with support for DVD/DivX conversion and editing.

Blender – 3D animation and modeling suite with various tools for modeling.

Bluefish – A powerful editor for programmers and web designers enabling them to write websites, scripts and programming code.

BRL-CAD – An open source CAD system centered on constructive solid geometry (CSG) modelling.

Cinelerra – A professional open source video editing tool with features for capturing, editing and compositing.

CinePaint – Professional graphical editing application targeted towards the movie industry.

Cornice – Cross platform image viewer initially developed for Linux; similar in functionality to ACDSee.

Dia – Open source drawing tool for UML diagrams, similar in functionality to «˜Visio»™.

Flowchart Studio – Allows the user to draw a flowchart through graphical editor.

F-Spot – A feature rich personal photo management application for GNOME desktops.

Gaphor – Simple modeling environment that enables users to create intuitive UML diagrams for documentation purposes.

Gimp – The oldest, and most famous, open source graphic application with over 100 plug-ins and powerful paint tools.

Gimpshop – Gimpshop changes menus and dialogs in a manner similar to its competitor, Photoshop.

GQview – A lightweight image viewer with easy navigation, zoom and thumbnail preview features.

i.Mage – i.Mage is a handy graphics editor featuring easy pixel & image editing.

ImageMagick – Allows for the creation, editing and composition of bitmap images.

imgSeek – imgSeek is a photo management and viewing application with search support.

Imgv – An open source, feature rich image viewer providing support for a variety of image formats.

Inkscape – An open source vector graphics editor similar in functionality to Illustrator. It provides support for all drawing features like any commercial product.

Inquisitor – A fast visual web picture ripper, downloader and offline browser.

Jahshaka – Powerful open source movie editor with real time media playback and visual effects.

Karbon – Part of the open source KOffice suite, makes a great choice as a vector drawing application.

Kino – An open source non-linear video editor that comes with easy importing of DV video and provides video and audio transition effects.

khtml2png – A command line utility for creating PNG and JPEG images out of web pages.

Krita – An open source image editing and painting program with advanced features.

KToon – 2D animation toolkit with focus towards animation industry.

NVU – A complete cross platform web authoring system which makes it very simple to create web pages and manage a website without any technical expertise.

OpenLaszlo – An excellent development environment for web applications as it can generate Macromedia and AJAX files for webpage use.

Paint.NET – .NET based open source bitmap application with an intuitive user interface for drawing and editing.

Page Scavenger – A simple Windows application useful for downloading images from free hosting services via webpage links.

Pixie – Open source RenderMan renderer.

Potrace – An open source project useful for converting bitmap images to raster or vector drawings.

QCad Community Edition – A simple, easy to use open source 2D CAD application.

Quanta Plus – A feature rich web development environment.

Seashore – A basic open source image editor with simple functionality and features.

Scribus – Open source cross-platform desktop publishing application. (Como InDesign)

Skencil – A flexible open source, interactive vector drawing application for illustrations, diagrams and other purposes.

Synfig – An open source 2d vector animation program for artists to assist them with making cartoons.

UFRaw – Unidentified Flying Raw is an open source photo converter that can be used as a standalone application or as a plug-in.

VirtualDub – An open source video capture and processing utility with basic features.

Violet – Violet is an easy to learn and use open source UML editor.

Xara Xtreme – Powerful, general purpose graphics application for Linux and other UNIX platforms.

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  1. ScEngMan dice:

    Aca les presento una nueva herramienta de codigo abierto: CrackArt. Esta herramienta de 3D esta especializada en el area de la texturizacion.

    En el sitio web (www.crackart.org) encontraran un video que muestra como transferir texturas de un modelo de alta resolucion a uno de baja resolucion usando las herramientas de texture baking y UV Atlas para crear coordenadas de mapping automaticas.

    Quiero invitarlos a que la prueben y que me envien sugerencias para irla mejorando. CrackArt permite importar modelos usando los formatos FBX y 3DS y ademas incluye plugins para importar y exportar de 3dsmax, Maya, Blender…

    Muchas Gracias
    Diego A Castano
    The SceneEngine Project

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