Adobe Transient Witticisms | El gato encerrado de la Splash Screen de CS3

Uno de los huevos de Pascua más famosos de Photoshop son los Adobe Transient Witticisms (ATWÁs). Desde la versión 3.0 aparecieron en la versión oculta de la splash screen una serie de frases en tono jocoso. Esta pantalla es visible si pulsamos CTRL al mismo tiempo que Ayuda > Acerca de Photoshop. En este enlace tenéis las de versiones anteriores:

Photoshop Splash Screen Evolution

Y esta es la de CS3, la Red Pill:

Adobe Transient Witticisms | El gato encerrado de la Splash Screen de CS3 ceslava 0

Para acceder a las ATWÁs en CS3 hay que hacer clic justo debajo de Version 10.0, en cualquier otro sitio cerrarás la pantalla. Una vez hecho clic pasa los créditos más rápido pulsando por ejemplo MAY+ALT. Cuando vuelvan a empezar podrás ver esas frases como muestra la captura:

Estas frases se incluyeron por primera vez en la vesrión 3.0, cuando el ingeniero Kevin Johnston recopiló dichos de sus compañeros. Tradicionalmente son una lista del «Top Ten de signos que indican que el equipo de ingenieros ha estado trabajando muy duro», y acaban con la frase «The funny bits are done.»

Si investigamos un poco más en esta pantalla, hacemos una captura de ella y la tratamos con los niveles de Photoshop descubrimos gato encerrado y a Bruce Fraser:

Adobe Transient Witticisms | El gato encerrado de la Splash Screen de CS3 ceslava 2

Adobe Transient Witticisms – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Un listado de las ATWÁs:


In managed color!

Your ad here

Good day, and welcome to our show, eh?

All that's left to do is everything!

Just don't forget the all-important kaboodle.

Images with zero bits just don't work.

Ok, NOW our pixels go to eleven.... million

I'm in UAH: Unknown Acronym Hell

Photoshop ain't for parrots.

"Design Eye for the Engineering Guy"

Alex, get back in the box!

In retrospect, maybe I should have driven.

Son, it's always a choice between
a douche and a turd.

My /|\ smacks your ][.

D'oh! Re: me faux-so-lo -ing.

I hates cruft.

Come join me for the nosebleed, won't you?

What more do you expect?


You're part of the reason this country
is a grim greasy pit of eels

You, sir, are frighteningly on the ball

I've seen enough to know I've seen too much

Oh I'm sorry, I don't speak... monkey.

Ooh, shiny!

I don't know.

I don't want to know.

I'm out.

Where is my flying car?

The filthy monkey. It plans.

There's no kitchen sink in Photoshop either.

I think Photoshop should have a kitchen sink.

More cowbell

To Earl!

Please limit your ammunition to 999.

Any day you can put the top down is a good day.

Because music sex and cookies,
they make my world go 'round...

Process is the antithesis of Progress.

You can just feel the hamsters
in that video card struggling.

Three types of people you'll meet in this world,
and the question they'll ask:

1. Managers ask, "Are you effective?"

2. Artists ask, "Do you get it?"

3. Engineers ask, "Are you an idiot?"

"Hello! You might recognize me from such bugs as...

1132589, 1075544, and that doosey, 1059586."

The spankings will continue until the homework gets done.

Life is pain, princess...

Anybody that tells you otherwise
is selling something.

Mahna mahna...

I just gotta have more cowbell!

Whip me, beat me, make me know love.

Touch my space monkey?

Happiness is a warm puppy.

Shuffle up and deal!

And now, for your moment of Zen...

It's not that the bear can dance but that
anyone is willing to put on the bear suit.

Luckily, no one watches this program.

Photoshop: The number 1 choice of
fake news makers around the world.

So? He's a 40 pound dachshund grande.

Give blood, play hockey.

I reject your reality, and substitute my own!

Delenn is Lost?

I am Sean Penn, I have no sense of humor.

Am I missing an eyebrow?

That's why I cleverly have no personal life.

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is...

more cowbell!!!

Why is it always the penguins who are the psychotics?

Read my lips: "No New Palettes"

Copyrighted material appearing in this space
is the property of the copyright holder

I am rubber.

You are glue.

Adobe Transient Witticisms(tm) are only in
products by Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe Transient Witticisms is a
trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

And now...

From the Home Office on the back porch of Boone's Farm
(slogan: "Uh whut?")

Top Ten Signs of the Apocalypse:

...wait, sorry, that was last night's; here we go...

Top Ten Signs the Engineering Team has been
Working Too Hard:

10. It took 10 years, but Greg finally decided he's had enough!

9. Tuesday Martini Night extended run to now 6 days a week

8. That smoldering, piercing look in Joe's eyes?
Actually smolders and pierces.

7. Strategic Alignment?
I'd like to strategically align your --CENSORED---

6. "Watson, come here, I want you!" Actually, Watson, not so much.

5. No, really, we -DO- want a kitchen sink in there!

4. Changed our motto to:
"Our Code Smells Like Roses
(but we sure don't!)"

3. Russell's "Toasted Team" voted "Best Pix of 2005"

2. Jon hits the hoop so many times he considers pro Yo-Yo career

1. Monkeys!!! Monkeys everywhere!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

0. We wonder what color 0 is????

Take off, eh?

The funny bits are done.

You've been a lovely audience.

We're here through Tuesday. Try the veal.

Don't forget to tip your waitstaff.

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

Without whose patience...

Andrew, Ann, Annette, Helen, Joanna

Karen, Max, Ronda, Susan, Jasmine, Joanne

Kendra, Lisa, Max, Rebeka, Royce,

Rowan, Erika, Alison

Goodbye, nurse!

Long live the Duck

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