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Iniciativa estadounidense que pretende utilizar la red como un mercadillo globalizado. Es decir, si tú tienes en tu poder un videojuego, un libro que quieras cambiar lo subes y ellos te dicen porqué otra mercancí­a puedes hacerlo. Sólo te cobran el enví­o. Aún en Beta pero interesante.

Is it really free?

Yep.  It really is.

We don»™t charge you for listing items or trading items.  Nothing.  Nada.  Nil.   Your only expense is paying for the shipping of your item.  Use the post office’s Media Mail service and you can send everything for less than $2.  Better yet, if you want, we’ll try to find a trade for you with a swaptree member right down the street, or with one of your friends or co-workers, so you can just forget about postage and hand your item over in person.  Now you aren’t paying a dime!

How do I find trades?
You don»™t.  We do, or we should say, our super smart algorithms do.

With swaptree’s multiple-way trade algorithms, we instantly show you thousands of items that you can receive in trade for any item.  So you don’t spend time searching for potential trades, negotiating a trade with another user, or messing with some sort of point system.  Just list some items that you want to trade and swaptree will show you everything you can get for them.

Is it difficult to list items for trade?
Nope.  Just need to read a few numbers.

Just enter the UPC or ISBN code that is on the back of every cd, book, video game and dvd, and we will find the correct item details: edition, release, version, paperback/hardback, normal/widescreen, etc.

That’s the long answer to the question.  The short answer: It’s really easy to list your items.

Who has time to go to the post office to send an item?

Not us and certainly not you.

Because of that, we have made everything as simple as possible.  We allow you to print accurate postage and perfect mailing labels directly from swaptree.  So don»™t worry about calculating the weight, or entering the correct shipping or return address «“ we do that all for you.

Don»™t have any envelopes? Don’t worry, we have those too, if you want them.   Just print a mailing label from your computer, put your item in your swaptree envelope, and place it in your mailbox.  This does mean that you will have to get off of your couch, but only to walk to the mailbox.

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    Otro sitio web relacionado con el intercambio de objetos es: http://truequi.com espero les guste ;)


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