90 utilidades y recursos web para editar, compartir y jugar con fotografí­as digitales

Buení­sima recopilación de Mashable con más de 90 sitios categorizados, os dejo algunos:

  • Editores online:
  • Compartir fotos:
  • Hosting gratuito:
  • Blogs sobre Fotografí­a:
  • Utilidades para añadir o combinar a tus fotografí­as:

    • FlickrVision – displays Flickr updates from various users on a Google Map.
    • Retrievr – an unbelievable mashup that delivers photos based on your drawings.
    • Flickr Logo Maker – Turns any text into a Flickr-style logo.
    • Spell with Flickr – this tool enables you to write text in letters based off Flickr images. Not all that useful but fun.
    • Tagnautica – a slightly weird visual way to browse through Flickr images.
    • Captioner – adds comic-style captions to your images.
    • Fastr – a «guess that tag» style game; you are presented with a series of images and you must guess their common tag.
    • PictureSandbox – Searches the Flickr archive (as well as that of YouTube and some other sites) based on the type of license; great tool for finding images you can actually use in a project
    • FlickrFling – presents an RSS feed through Flickr images. Completely useless but works as a fun experiment.
    • Colr Pickr – One of the most useful Flickr Mashups; enables you to search Flickr photos based on their color. Works surprisingly well.
    • FlickrBall – a six-degrees-of-separation scavenger-hunt game (yes, Kevin Bacon is mentioned), using Flickr thumbnails and tags for clues.
    • Photo Tag Mashup – Retrieves a number of Flickr images in a simple interface based on a tag you provide
    • Flickr Sudoku – a Sudoku game based on Flickr images.
    • Flappr – A slick Flash-based Flickr interface that lets you do most of the actions you can do on Flickr.
  • Para móviles
  • Slideshows
  • Impresión y creación de libros fotográficos
  • Buscadores de fotografí­as:
    • PicSearch – image search with some interesting options; for example, you can choose to search only black and white or color photos.
    • YotoFoto – a search engine which claims to be indexing over a quarter million Creative Commons, Public Domain, GNU FDL, and various other «˜copyleft»™ images.
    • Google Image Search – a resource so commonly used it doesn»™t need a special explanation; still one of the best ways to find images of any kind on the web.
    • Pixsy – Image search engine that»™s striking a lot of partnerships. Also provides PixsyPower, a custom video and photo search for your own site.
    • StockPhotoFinder – a search engine specialized in finding stock photos.
    • EveryStockPhoto – this site is indexing over 1 million completely free photos from various sources.
    • Bancos de imágenes:
    • iStockPhoto – royalty-free images for low prices; there aren»™t any completely free photos here, but photo quality is above average
    • Fotolia – Another cheap royalty-free image provider, with nearly 2 million photos in stock
    • SXC.hu – one of the best (and biggest) repositories of completely free stock photography on the net.
    • MorgueFile – provides completely free photos; no registration required to download.
    • PixelPerfectDigital – 5000+ free stock photos
    • StockXpert – the commercial arm of Stock Xchange; offers cheap but quality royalty-free material
    • Alamy – Alamy is a search engine for stock photos which boasts millions of images from thousands of photographers, picture agencies and national collections. The site does the editing and classification of the images.

    90+ Online Photography Tools and Resources

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