Bent Objects: Fotografías de objetos cotidianos que cobran vida

Terry Border es el fotógrafo – humorista que con ayuda de alambre da vida a objetos cotidianos.

Esta serie fotográfica la bautizó como Bent Objects porque según cuenta no había otro nombre disponible.

Bent Objects by Terry Border - Oct 2009...Strictly Editorial Use Only, byline MUST be used, no books, merchandising or advertising<br /><br />
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Terry Border / Rex Features ( 1017448l )<br /><br />
Belated<br /><br />
Bent Objects by Terry Border<br /><br />
<p> A cornflake crime scene, a chainsaw-wielding banana, and a pirate marshmallow.... welcome to the world of Terry Border!</p><br />
<p> Wacky artist Terry specialises in bring food and ordinary objects alive - all with a deliciously dark humour.</p><br />
<p> The Indiana-based photographer poses questions such as "What does an egg think when it meets a roasted chicken?" and "What happens when a candle is burned at both ends?".</p><br />
<p> The answers are always guaranteed to bring a smile or a chuckle... except for the chicken and egg which brings a tear to the eye!</p><br />
<p> These and other unlikely culinary-based scenarios are explored in the 44-year-old's book 'Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things'.</p><br />
<p> Managing to convey emotion through inanimate objects, each pictu





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