¿Cómo crear una plantilla para tu blog en WordPress?

Todos los diseñadores tenemos nuestros truquitos. Rachel, de cre8d-design.com nos dice los suyos:

  • Graphic design:
    • Useful to have: Photoshop/Fireworks or the like to create your graphics
    • For inspiration: sites like Netdiver, Design Melt Down, CSS Beauty, Unmatched Style etc can help sometimes.
    • Color scheme ideas: Colorschemer, Daily Color Scheme and Flickr (photos are a brilliant source for color combinations). Flip through your favourite magazines (I love looking through my How Magazines and books for ideas. Look at how you»™ve designed your house/bedroom/office – what color combinations do you like?
    • Fonts: DaFont for free fonts and Linotype for purchasing professional fonts.
    • Images: SXC for free photos and iStockPhoto for inexpensive illustrations and photos.
  • XHTML/CSS templating:
  • Understanding how WordPress themes are put together. I can»™t emphasise enough how important the WordPress manual is. Don»™t miss the Stepping into templates information.
  • Understanding «the loop» and various WordPress tags.
  • Knowing when and how to install plugins. WP-Plugins.net has many plugins, but doing a Google or delicious search for «WordPress plugin» and then the type of plugin you»™re wanting will help you find many others.
  • Knowing at least a little bit of PHP if you don»™t want to feel so scared by WordPress tags, the loop, plugins and your templates. There»™s some tutorials on W3Schools which can help.

Useful resources for creating a WordPress theme 

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