Efectos de texto en Photoshop

Más efectos de texto para Photoshop:

  1. Aqua Text
    Re-create the font style that Mac OSX is famous for.
  2. 3D Cliff Text
    Make text that looks like it»™s a part of the land.

  1. Matrix Style Text
    Take the red pill and learn how to create text in the style of The Matrix.
  2. Brick Text
    Create text that looks like it was chipped out of a brick wall.
  3. Set Your Text On Fire
    An advanced tutorial that shows how to create realistic flaming text.
  4. Explosion Effect
    Explode your text with this tutorial.
  5. Spiderman 3 Style Text
    Create text in the style of the Spiderman 3 logo.
  6. Colorful Light Burst Effect
    Create text that looks as if it»™s bursting out.
  7. Web 2.0 Sticker Text Effect
    Another Web 2.0 style text effect, but this one looks as if it was a sticker.
  8. 3D Text
    Another tutorial showing how to create 3D text from a different perspective.
  9. Worn Rubber Stamp Text
    Make text look as if were stamped on a page.
  10. Chalk Text Effect
    Text that looks like chalk on asphault.
  11. Blown Out 3D Text
    3D text in the style of 3D films.
  12. Create A Professional Looking Logo
    A tutorial showing how the use of gradients and shadows can create professional looking text.
  13. Shiny 3D Text
    Another 3D tutorial that shows you how to create a reflective logo.
  14. Reflective Liquid Type
    Create text that looks like reflective water.
  15. Shiny Floor Effect
    Make it look like your text is being reflected from a shiny floor.
  16. Water Text
    This tutorial shows you how to create text that looks like water on any background.
  17. Grungy, Slimey Text
    Use this tutorial to make text look as if it emerged from a swamp.
  18. Chrome Metal Effect
    Create a beveled chrome font effect.
  19. Gold Plated Text
    A tutorial showing how to make your text look gold plated.
  20. Graffiti Text With Photoshop
    Create realistic looking graffiti on structures like walls.
  21. Transparent GLass Lettering
    Very shiny and transparent lettering good for many uses.
  22. Swirl Text
    Create a bright swirl using text.
  23. Pixel Text Effect
    Create text with a pixelated, mosaic background.
  24. Glowing Gel Text
    Glowing text that looks like gel.
  25. 3 Stroked Text
    Stylized text that looks layered.
  26. Icy Cold Effect
    Text that looks like ice is creeping up around it.
  27. Very Stylish 3D Pixel Text
    Make pixelated text that looks 3D.
  28. Chrome Text
    Make chrome text that looks like it»™s gleaming.
  29. Rusted Slime Effect
    Make your text look like rust is coming down from it.
  30. Worn and Torn Text Effect
    Text that looks worn out and falling apart.

  31. Dreamy Text Effect
    Create text like something out of a dream.

  32. Schocking Text
    A text effect that looks as if bolts of electricity are coming out of it.

  33. Furry Text
    Use brushes to create text in any pattern.

  34. Realistic Stone Effect
    Create text that looks like it was carved out of stone.

  35. Gutsy Text
    Create text that looks like it contains intestines.

  36. Soft, Plastic Text
    Plastic text that looks great on any dark background.

  37. Turf Text
    Blend any style text into turf.

  38. Diamond Text
    Bling out your text with diamonds.

  39. Molten Lava Blast Effect
    Use gradients and layer styles to create molten lava text.

  40. Mossy Effect
    Text that looks as if moss is growing on it.

  41. Ice Text
    Lettering that looks like it»™s frozen stiff.

  42. Plastic Effect
    Make your text look like it»™s wrapped in shiny plastic.

  43. Fragmented Tiles Text Effect
    Put layered tiles on the inside of your text.

  44. Zoom Text
    Give your text a little zoom blur.

  45. Highlight and Shadow Text
    Create beveled text without layer styles.

  46. Image Inside Text
    Add an image to the inside of your text.

  47. Gold And Ruby Text
    Make gold text that looks like it contains jewels.

  48. Girly Bling Text Effect
    Sparkling letters in a feminine style.

  49. Halftone Effect
    Surround your text with a halftone style.

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