Las mujeres también pueden manchar la tapa

Igualdad llevada a lí­mites. Ya el sexo femenino va a tener el placer y la responsabilidad de poder orinar de pié. Sí­, este invento que en un principio tuvo su objetivo en aquellas féminas que no querí­an arriesgar su higiene más í­ntima en los servicios públicos pasa ahora a facturar casi 15000€ al mes.

Entre sus clientes también se encuentran personas con  problemas de movilidad e incluso atletas de elite, (sin o con tilde como he aprendido hoy gracias a Fer), que deben orinar en el acto.


When positioned securely under the crotch, and with underwear pushed to the side, Shewee directs urine away from the body to a suitable place, such as a toilet, a container or a conveniently located tree!

  • No more crossed legs or uncomfortable squatting.
  • Maintain your privacy and banish bare bottoms!
  • Stand up at public toilets to avoid unhygienic seats and smelly portable loos.
  • Hike/climb/ski/jog off the beaten track, miles from the nearest toilet.
  • Travel the world with the comfort of home in your pocket.

All women will benefit from using Shewee at some time.
Active women:

  • walkers
  • campers
  • skiers
  • golfers
  • cyclists
  • canoeists
  • mountaineers
  • horsewomen
  • gliders
  • pilots
  • bird watchers
  • festival and concert goers
  • dog walkers
  • long-distance truck drivers
  • scuba divers
  • back-packers and holiday makers
  • landscape architects
  • anglers and fly fisher women
  • joggers, runners and athletes
  • windsurfers
  • yachtswomen
  • women in the Armed Forces

 The Less Mobile

  • Stand up at public toilets to avoid contact with unhygienic public toilet seats and smelly portable loos.
  • Avoid crossed legs and uncomfortable squatting.
  • Enjoy perfect aim into a sample pot when giving a urine sample. This is especially useful for pregnant women.
  • Use in a wheelchair or when partially bed-bound to comfortably urinate into a container.
  • Stand over a toilet «“ if it is physically uncomfortable or if if you have a disability or injury that prevents you from sitting or squatting.
  • Maintain your independence, if you are chair bound or rely on home care.
  • Maintain privacy and dignity when a toilet is not available and you just «˜have to go»™.

Great for:

  • hospital inpatients
  • wheelchair bound
  • disabled and mobility impaired women
  • those with continence concerns
  • pregnant women
  • elderly women
  • those who give regular urine samples
  • those with a broken leg
  • those who suffer from arthritis
  • those who have been affected by cancer of the vulva

shewee hygienic method of urinating while standing up Urine funnel for Ladies SheWee she wee

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