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Un Photoblog como podéis imaginar no es otra cosa que un blog especializado en Fotografí­a, dentro de esta categorí­a hay muchas subcategorí­as. Este es un ejemplo.

Esta web premia a los mejores, esta vez hay un jurado, no son los internautas, hay muchas secciones, echa un vistazo algunos son muy buenos.

Winners have been announced for 2006. See you next year! You can also check out other year’s awards.

About the Photobloggies

The Photobloggies is an annual award ceremony celebrating photoblogging around the world. Through the Photobloggies, you can find some of the best photoblog sites on the internet. Organized by Brandon Stone, Jake Dobkin, and Rannie Turingan, it includes awards based on geographic region, photoblog subject matter, and “best of” categories.

Panel of Judges

This year we’ve invited editors from select photography magazines to make up our panel of judges. After the Open Nomination Phase has finished these editors will choose our final winners. Here they are in alphabetical order… Be sure to check all of them out!, Bending Light, File Magazine, foto8, Gomma Magazine, Hamburger Eyes, JPG Magazine, Light Leaks, Making Room, Mooncruise, Photoblogs Magazine, Revol Magazine, U&I Mag

The Rules

A photoblog is a website whose primary content is photographs displayed in a log format. Many examples of photoblogs can be found at

Nomination Phase

  • Nominations are open to everyone.
  • You may fill out the nomination form as many times as you like. Only your most recently validated form submission will count.
  • Every form submission must be validated via email in order to count.
  • URLs are required for nomination.
  • You may nominate up to three URLs per category.
  • You may nominate your own site.
  • There is no limit to the number of categories in which a site may be nominated.
  • In cases where voting fraud is observed fraudulent votes will be discarded.
  • The organizers photoblogs are not elligible for nomination.
  • Nominations should be for websites that were online during 2005.

Judging Phase

  • As determined by the Nomination Phase, ten final nominees will be selected in the Photoblog of the Year and Photo of the Year categories. Five final nominees will be selected for each of the remaining categories.
  • Winners will be determined from the lists of final nominees by our panel of judges.


The Photobloggies includes a round of open nomination, followed by a closed judging process. Winners will be announced live at the North American Photobloggers Meetup in Toronto. Important dates:

  • Evening of Mon, April 24th, 2006: Site launch. Categories announced. Nomination Phase opens.
  • Mon, May 8th at Midnight (EST): Nomination Phase closes.
  • Evening of Mon, May 8th: Final nominees announced. Judges will be contacted with their final nominees lists. Judging Phase begins.
  • Mon, May 15th at Midnight (EST): Judging Phase ends.
  • Weekend of May 20th: Winners announced live in Toronto.
  • Evening of Mon, May 22nd: Winners will be announced on this website.

Steal These Graphics

Feel free to use these graphics on your blogs and websites!

There are even more graphics over here…


The organizers would like to thank our amazing panel of judges for contributing their editorial talents this year! We would also like to thank Desi Aragon for creating the Photobloggies logos.

Best American Photoblog

Best photoblog from the United States and U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, etc.)

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Latin American Photoblog

Best photoblog from the countries of Central and South America.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Western European Photoblog

Best photoblog from Western Europe. Including the British Isles, Scandinavia, and Iceland.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Australian / New Zealand Photoblog

Best photoblog from the countries of Australia and New Zealand.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Eastern European / Russian Photoblog

Best photoblog from Eastern Europe, Russia, and surrounding countries.


Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Japanese Photoblog

Best photoblog from Japan.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Southeast Asian Photoblog

Best photoblog from the countries of South East Asia, China, India. (Including South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and islands of the Indian Ocean.)

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best African / Middle Eastern Photoblog

Best photoblog from the continent of Africa and the countries of the Middle East.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Writing

This category recognizes the best writing and commentary of a photoblog — including criticism, free verse, fiction, etc.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Black and White Photography

Recognizing the best photoblog featuring mainly black and white images — digital or scanned from film.


Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Animal Photography

This one is for all you dog and cat photobloggers — recognizing sites that often feature photography of pets.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Abstract Photography

Recognizes photoblogs mainly featuring abstractions in all forms — color and shape patterns, close-ups, odd reflections, etc.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Studio Photography

For studio technical pros. Recognizes the best photoblog mainly featuring studio work, including portraits, macro, etc.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Photojournalism

Best photoblog mainly featuring visual reportage of news subjects. War, crime, bake-offs, whateva!

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Landscape Photography

Best photoblog mainly featuring landscape photography — urban or au natural.


Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Toy Camera Photography

Who are you calling a toy? Recognizes the best photoblog mainly shot with a Lomo, Holga, or other camera costing less than $50.


Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Street Photography

Best photoblog that mainly featured street scenes, with or without people in them.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Portrait Photography

Best photoblog that mainly featured portraits of people or other things with faces.

Runners-Up (in random order)


Best Kept Secret

The best photoblog that not many people know about! Hopefully we can help change that.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Photoblog Design

Looks count: recognizes outstanding design, layout, and navigation.


Runners-Up (in random order)

Best Under 18 Photoblog

Think of the children! Recognizes the best photoblog shot by someone who was younger than 18 during 2005.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Best New Photoblog

For the newbies: Recognizes the best photoblog started during 2005 (Jan 1-Dec 31.)

Runners-Up (in random order)

Photo of the Year

The single photoblog post that stands out among all the rest. Please use the permalink URL for the post and make sure the photo was posted in 2005! You can find several older photoblog posts via the Blog and also

Runners-Up (in random order)

Photoblog of the Year

The best of the best — the big kahuna. The photoblog that was consistently most excellent throughout 2005.

Runners-Up (in random order)

Winners have been announced for 2006. See you next year! You can also check out other year’s awards.

The 2006 Photobloggies

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