#MissingLove, arte viral para San Valentín

Maria Luisa Portuondo Vila es una artista chilena que ha pedido a los neoyorkinos ayuda en la búsqueda de su amado (#MissingLove).

Al parecer el pasado noviembre en un vagón del metro de NY cupido hizo de las suyas y ella quedó prendada de su misterioso flechazo. Ella lo recuerda así.


Muy parecido a Johnny Depp en Willy Wonka ;) La cuestión es que María es de las que creen en el amor a primera vista y no se da por vencida.

Con ayuda de Andy Docket diseñó este póster con más detalles que está llenando Nueva York y se ha hecho viral en los medios.


Cuando le preguntan a María si todo esto es una acción artística ella dice que además de ser una acción artística es real y que no parará hasta encontrarlo.

¿Tú qué crees? ¿Es real? ¿Celebras el Día de los Enamorados? ¿Crees en el amor a primera vista?

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  1. Guest dice:

    Not sure why people were gooing over this. In fact it looks like someone trying to get around a potential restraining order for harassment, hiding behind the ‘art’ factor. If it was a guy posting these, people would be scared. So i’m not going to push this as something cute. It’s illegal to post flyers around the subways and in the NYC metro area and I think it’s illegal to distribute a person’s likeness without their permission. This isn’t cute, I think this is dangerous. The publicity around the project speaking about this as “an artist doing art” directly contradicts the concept itself, that it was a real life encounter.

    • ceslava dice:

      Hi Guest,

      You made a good point. Is it art? It´s a performance. When you mix creativity into the real world is a performance. There´s not a real photo, just a draw so it´s not a privacy issue.

      Thanks for your comment

  2. Guest dice:

    Actually the fact that it’s a drawing makes it 1000x worse because of her choice of “forensic” style portraiture designed to look like a Wanted sign. This would horrify the guy in her art project. I am going to stick with my gut here, this woman is a creep.

  3. Guest dice:

    Sorry but whoever is funding and participating in this project #missinglove @mariap_vila should understand that this all seems to fall under the category called “Harassment”. It’s not ok. Or cute.

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