Plantillas y Layouts CSS Gratuitos | Free CSS & Layouts Templates

Colección de plantillas y Layouts basados en CSS gratis.

(X)HTML- and CSS-Templates

  • Open Source Templates
    15 impressive templates
  • OSWD
    Hundreds of templates and layouts of all possible kinds.
  • OSWT
    A huge collections with search- and sort-functions. With annoying advertisement.
  • Maxdesign
    23 layouts and design solutions
  • CSSplay
    Stu Nicolls presents dozens of free professional layouts. Sometimes a permission to use layouts is required.
  • Tinderbox
    One layout in many variations
  • Changingman
    Beautiful liquid 3-col-layout.
  • Mollio
    Seven variations of one template, incl. style guides as .pdf-files.
  • Six Shooter Media
    15 Templates
  • Yahoo! UI Library: Grids CSS
    A complex solution for many problems you might ever have: grid design is a principle well-known from image editors and layout tools.
  • CSS Design Templates
    12 Templates
  • ThreeColumnLayouts, by CSS Discuss
    Collection of 3-column-templates, gathered from a dozen of sources on the Web.
  • CSS Intensivstation
    15 Layouts
    Small collection for personal web-sites
  • CSS Frames Layouts
    Frames are also possible with CSS
  • CSS Template Gallery
    The site includes a search function, however it includes only 32 templates.
  • Ex-Designz
    98 (X)HTML-based CSS-templates
  • Code-Sucks
    6 templates and various layouts with 2-4 columns.
  • Jimmy Lin
    8 simple templates
  • Layout Gala
    40 professional Layouts for fresh and serious online-presentations.
  • Little Boxes
    16 Layouts, classic.
  • Solucija
    19 Templates

Even more freebies!

  • 25 CSS Template Resources
    A comprehensive list in the Web Developer»™s Handbook.
  • An extensive collection of css-templates
    List of resources with free css-layouts, by Manuela Hoffmann (in German!).

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