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Tips & Tricks

Keyboard Short-cuts para Mac (en la mayorí­a de los casos, los usuarios de PC solo tendrán que sustituir, option por alt y command por control).Adjust Font Size
Increase by Increment – Cmd-Shift->
Decrease by Increment – Cmd-Shift-<
(add Option to the above keystrokes to make them Increment x 5)Adjust Leading
Increase by Increment – Option-down arrow
Decrease by Increment – Option-up arrow
(add Cmd to the above keystrokes to make them Increment x 5)
Revert to Auto Leading – Cmd-Option-Shift-AAdjust Kerning/Tracking & WORD SPACING
Increase by Increment – Option-right arrow
Decrease by Increment – Option-left arrow
Increase by Increment x 5 – Cmd-Option-right arrow
Decrease by Increment x 5 – Cmd-Option-left arrow
Increase between words – Cmd-Option-Shift-\
Decrease between words – Cmd-Option-Shift-Delete
Clear all manual kerning and reset tracking to 0 – Cmd-Option-Q

Adjust Baseline shift
Move Up by Increment- Option-Shift-up arrow
Move Down by Increment- Option-Shift-down arrow
(add Cmd to the above keystrokes to make them Increment x 5)

Scaling picture & text frames
(picture content is scaled with the frame, but text content is not scaled with the frame)
Scale 5% Bigger- Cmd-Opt->
Scale 5% Smaller- Cmd-Opt-<
Scale 1% Bigger- Cmd->
Scale 1% Smaller- Cmd-<

Fitting Content & pictures
Fit Content Proportionally- Cmd-Opt-Shift-E
Fit Content to Frame- Cmd-Opt-E
Center Content- Cmd-Shift-E
Fit Frame to Content- Cmd-Opt-C

Nudging objects
Move by Increment any arrow key
Move by Increment x 10- Shift-any arrow key
Move by Increment x 1/10- Cmd-Shift-any arrow key

Flowing Text
Semi-autoflow (keeps text in cursor so you can continue flowing)- Option-click
Multi-Page Autoflow (creates additional pages)- Shift-click
Single-Page Autoflow (does not create additional pages)- Shift-Option-click

Styling text
Bold- Cmd-Shift-B
Italic- Cmd-Shift-I
Normal- Cmd-Shift-Y
All Caps- Cmd-Shift-K
Edit Style Sheet without Applying it- Cmd-Option-Shift-Double click style

Working with Paragraph Styles
To remove local formatting (non Style changes)- Opt-click Style Name
To remove local formatting and Character Styles- Opt-Shift-click Style Name

Working with Styles
Quick Apply a Style- Cmd-Return (start typing the style name, hit Return to apply)
Redefine a Paragraph Style- Cmd-Opt-Shift-R
Redefine a Character Style- Cmd-Opt-Shift-C

Working with Master Pages
Select a master page object (that is on a document page)- Cmd-Shift-click

Insert Special characters
Indent to Here- Cmd-\
Right Indent Tab- Shift-Tab
Discretionary Hyphen- Cmd-Shift-hyphen (-)
Nonbreaking Hyphen- Cmd-Opt-hyphen (-)

Insert Automatic page number
Auto Page Number Of the Current page- Cmd-Opt-Shift-N

Insert White space
Em space- Cmd-Shift-M
En space- Cmd-Shift-N
Nonbreaking space- Cmd-Opt-X
Thin space- Cmd-Opt-Shift-M

Insert Break characters
Column Break- Enter (on keypad)
Frame Break- Shift-Enter (on keypad)
Page Break- Cmd-Enter (on keypad)
Forced Line Break (or «soft return»)- Shift-Return

Moving text cursor
Move cursor to beginning or end of line- Home or End
Move cursor one word to the left/right- Cmd-Left/right arrow
Move cursor to Previous paragraph- Cmd-Up Arrow
Move cursor to Next paragraph- Cmd-Down Arrow

Selecting text
Select from cursor to beginning or end of line- Shift-Home or Shift-End
Select from cursor to end of story- Cmd-Shift-End
Select from cursor to beginning of story- Cmd-Shift-Home
Select whole word- Double-click
Select line- Cmd-Shift-\ (or Triple-click)
Select one word to the left/right- Cmd-Shift-Left/Right arrow

Navigating & scrolling through documents
Scroll using Hand tool- Option-Spacebar
Go to the First Page- Cmd-Shift-Page Up
Go to the Last Page- Cmd-Shift-Page Down
Access page number box (so you can enter a page to go to)- Cmd-J
Switch between open Documents- Cmd-tilde(~)

Get the Zoom in tool without selecting it- Hold Cmd then Space
Get the Zoom out tool without selecting it- Hold Cmd then Space and Option
Zoom In or Out- Cmd-plus(+) or Cmd-minus(-)
Fit Page in Window- Cmd-0 (zero)
Fit Spread in Window- Cmd-Option-0 (zero)
Access zoom percentage box (so you can enter a zoom level)- Cmd-Opt-5
Toggle between current and previous zoom levels- Cmd-Opt-2

Insert selected text into Find What box- Cmd-F1
Insert selected text into Find What box and then Find Next instance- Shift-F1
Find the next occurrence of Find What text- Shift-F2 or Cmd-Option-F
Insert selected text into Change To box- Cmd-F2
Replace selected text with Change To text- Cmd-F3
Replace selected text with Change To text and Find Next- Shift-F3

Working with palettes
Highlight the first option in the Control palette- Cmd-6
Toggle Control palette between Character & Paragraph options- Cmd-Opt-7
Apply a value but keep it highlighted in palette- Shift-Return
Show/Hide all Panels including Toolbar- Tab (while not in a text frame)
Show/Hide all Panels except the Toolbar- Shift-Tab (while not in a text frame)
Create new (style, swatches, etc) & display options dialog- Opt-click New button
Close/Open all docked palettes on 1 side on the screen- Option-click palette tab
Dock/Undock a group of palettes- hold Option while dragging a palette»™s tab

Working with Dialog boxes
Rotate down through section of options displayed on the- left Page Down
Rotate up through section of options displayed on the- left Page Up
Jump to section of options displayed on the left- Cmd-1 for 1st, Cmd-2 for 2nd, etc.
Cancel- Esc (or Cmd-period)
Choose- Yes or No Y or N

Miscellaneous Good stuff
Increase/decrease a value in a field click in field,- press up/down arrow
Toggle Typographer»™s Quotes preference- Cmd-Opt-Shift-«™
Select frame hidden behind another- Hold Cmd and keep clicking frame stack
Tabs palette: Move Left Indent (triangle) without moving First Line Indent- Hold Shift while dragging the (bottom) triangle
Select all Guides- Cmd-Opt-G
Sort Menus Alphabetically- Hold Cmd-Opt-Shift and click on Menu

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