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Os adjunto una serie de trucos para Photoshop, hay miles publicados, de vez en cuando postearé alguno, si es posible de mi  cosecha y en español. Si os interesa aprender de verdad esta aplicación no tenéis más que segur el curso online GRATUITO en vuestro campus

In 1990, I had the great pleasure of introducing Russell Brown and a new software package from Adobe to several hundred attendees of my Great Graphics Tips session at Macworld. Photoshop Tips & Tricks has been part of DT&G ever since.

(NEW) Photoshop Madness

Photoshop MadnessYES, it’s time again for Adobe to relieve you of some more money — of course, you have lots left over after the holidays, right? It’s «YAP» (Yet Another Photoshop upgrade) time … and all the links that are fit to see are in this month’s Photoshop Madness

Photoshop Photo Collage

Who can resist a photo of Santa and the kids? Well, to answer some Photoshop 911 questions about photo collage, Fred makes up a nice gag-gift holiday card putting grown kids on Santa’s lap. Follow along as we use Photoshop for the Holidays

Watermarking in Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements Many readers ask questions about automating various functions in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. This short tutorial answers the frequent question about watermarking. It’s easy, and we also provide a semi-automated trick for those who want added control over watermarking your files in Elements

Photoshop Holiday MadnessPhotoshop Madness

Photoshop MadnessOkay… so it’s the holiday season and you’re not really sure what to give the folks… or your friends… or the Pizza guy — but if you’ve got Photoshop… mugshots, Caricatures, the Cucoloris («Cookie») Effect, Mask Tutorial, Scaling Photos in Elements — plus: Stupid Question of the Month, Pro of the Month, and Stupid Photoshop Web Pages all in Photoshop Holiday Madness

Feature: How would Andy Warhol do it

Andy Warhol StyleIn this 9-page, 50-image seminar tutorial, investigate the style of Andy Warhol and how to utilize art methodology and Adobe Photoshop CS2 to simulate Warhol’s famouse portrait style for your own projects… the perfect gift is a portrait using Photoshop in the Andy Warhol style

Deke McClelland shows how to fix color cast in Photoshop

Fixing color cast in PhotoshopUsing photos in promotions? Taking photos at events and gatherings over the coming weeks? Chances are, you’ll encounter the dreaded «color cast» problem. Thanks to Deke, now you’ll know how to Fix Color Cast in Photoshop

Old-time Engraving Effect

enlarging photos with PhotoshopYou asked for it — a plug-in filter for Photoshop that turns your picture into an ancient engraving, lithograph, pencil sketch, etc. Reader Svetlana Chernousova reviews this wonderful new plug-in from Alpha Plug-ins — possibly one of the more useful filters you’ll find, the Photoshop Engraver plugin

Creating textures and backgrounds

texturesIn this tips piece, the gurus at Spiral Graphics share their secrets at generating seamless textures. Even if you don’t use Spiral’s Genetica software, this information will prove important for anyone who makes textures… 5 Texture Tips: the key ingredients to great textures

Alien fixes photo faux pas

enlarging photos with PhotoshopCan you really enlarge digital photographs in Photoshop? As we’ve all been taught, you can always reduce a digital image with excellent results — but what about enlarging one! Follow along and see the proof that you can save a low resolution photo for high-end printing as the Alien fixes this photo faux pas

Photoshop Patterns How-To

Artlandia PatternShopArtlandia experts share tips and tricks for creating patterns using Symmetry-Works — it’s easy to generate spectacular patterns for web or print use as native Photoshop files. Pattern Tiles in Photoshop!

August Photoshop Madness

August Photoshop Madness Stupid Photoshop Web Pages * Photoshop Pro of the Month: Nicolas Noben * Post processing * Another Missing Photoshop Guru * Photo Journalism Ethics * COOL STUFF: Vertus Fluid Mask * VIDEO tutorial: Saving Color Swatches * QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Torn Paper Edge Effects * Free Stuff and much more… in Photoshop Madness

Ink Outlines Filter in Photoshop

Ink outlinesSome Photoshop users just never get around to trying out the array of filters provided with the program. That’s a shame. But follow along as Photoshop expert Roger Pring offers an interesting «drawn» line effect in combination with a background mottling that recalls the Sponge filter using Photoshop’s Ink Outlines Filter

Realistic, complicated shadows in Photoshop

Shadows 20-year photo retouching veteran Glenn Honiball returns with another tutorial for building shadows — creating a shadow for a more intricate object, then placing it into a landscape! Realistic, complicated shadows in Photoshop

July Photoshop (PHOTO) Madness

digital Photography Jerry Jividen is our «Guru» of the month, but we also have a Missing Photoshop Guru… also: Edit Photos on the FLY * VIDEO: Ancient Map Effect * What Film Photographers Already Know, with Ben Long * LightMachine Fixes NASTY * QUESTION OF THE MONTH * Free Stuff and much more… in Photoshop Madness

JULY Feature: Selective Coloring & Tonal Color Effects

Selective Coloring in PhotoshopMr. Tim Shelbourne is back, to once again share his Photoshop expertise with this wonderful colorizing tutorial — just in time for the 4th of JULY! So many readers write to Photoshop 911 asking for a Selective Coloring tutorial

Using Photoshop to Whiten Teeth and Eyes

Barry Huggins on PhotoshopFollow along in this tutorial as Barry Huggins shows you not one, but three methods for whitening teeth… * use the Dodge tool; * method 2, the Screen method; and method 3, using Levels! Perk up those photos with Photoshop for whiter teeth and eyes!

Awesome Patterns in Photoshop

Artlandia PatternShopTime was that if you wanted to generate spectacular patterns for web or print use, you needed to go through the tedious process in Adobe Illustrator, then import into Photoshop. Artlandia now brings all that horse-power to your fingertips for generating quick, easy professional patterns in Photoshop!

June Photoshop (SURF) Madness

Web Surfing Doing the Curl * Tattoos in Photoshop * Boardwalk Movie Star * Five Tips for Optimizing GIFs * Web Hands-On Training * What is Depth of Field * Photoshop’s Shadow/Highlight tool * Brick Wall Tutorial * question of the month * PTPerspective Photoshop Plugin * Warning Dialogs * Free Stuff and much more… in Photoshop Madness

Making the Wrong Drop Shadows in Photoshop

Shadows 20-year photo retouching veteran Glenn Honiball joins us to point out the most common drop shadow techniques and how to deal with them. As we’ve said for years… nothing spoils a Photoshop retouch project more than Common Drop Shadow Mistakes

Photoshop Elements 5

Photoshop Elements gets 100 new tools! Okay, I knew that would get your attention, but when you add Richard Lynch’s new «Hidden Elements» then PS Elements seems like it goes from version 4 to version 5 automatically! Get the Upgrade Here

Photoshop Blending Modes

BlendingUnlike Photoshop’s built-in filters, blending modes don’t change the actual pixels that make up an image, so their effects are completely reversible. Photoshop expert John Beardsworth shares his blending modes expertise for Quick and easy Powder Pastels

Centering the Radial Blur in Photoshop

Radial Blur A reader writes that the «book» tutorial doesn’t work correctly on his image. So, here’s a little trick to get the effect you want when Photoshop doesn’t want to cooperate… Centering the Radial Blur

Image to Surface Shape in Photoshop

Map an image to a shapeA game of Photoshop Tennis in the Design Cafe prompts a tutorial on how a picture was turned into the cover of a book. This tutorial covers a number of techniques from transform to layer masks… Put an Image into A Shape…

Photoshop (Color) MadnessPhotoshop Madness

Photoshop Madness Photoshop Madness is up to its ears in COLOR… color everything in Photoshop… how to color, where to color, when to color … also: Tutorial of the Month (TOM), Question of the Month (QOM) and the popular Art is Where You Find It… this has got to be total Photoshop Madness

Hand Tinting Photographs in Photoshop

Hand TintArtist, Photoshop Wizard and Author Tim Shelbourne is back with another blockbuster tutorial — try your hand at creating the subtle effects of traditional photo retouching with this tutorial from Tim’s Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook … Hand Tinting Photographs in Photoshop

Burned Holes in Photoshop

burned hole A number of readers asked how to make a burned hole, then didn’t quite understand instructions at Photoshop 911. Here we describe the whole process in ten easy-to-understand steps with pictures on how to make burned holes Photoshop Elements and Photoshop…

Ben Long’s Photoshop Action Pack 2.0

Ben LongBen Long has released a major update to the Photoshop Action Pack collection of Automator actions, which is now available for free download — automate the more complex aspects of your post-production workflow using Apple’s Automator and simple-to-use plugins in Photoshop Action Pack 2.0

March Photoshop Madness

MadnessPhotoshop Madness is back with another cool newsletter… this month we’re instituting four new standing features: 1. Book of the Month (with freebies from the book); 2. Tutorial of the Month (TOM), 3. Question of the Month (QOM) and the answer, 4. Art is Where You Find It, and the occasional STUPID site of the month. It’s all good, all fun — and seriously folks… it’s true Photoshop Madness

Type On A Path or Around a Circle

TEXTAnswering one of the most frequent questions at Photoshop 911 and DTG, this monster, 4-page tutorial that shows you how — not just Photoshop, but InDesign, Illustrator and Quark XPress as well… Text on a Path, Circular Type

The Art of Digital Photography

Be Inspired, Creative, and Productive O’Reilly Releases Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography & Creative Thinking. Adobe guru Julieanne Kost says: «Be open to whatever comes your way» … The Art of Digital Photography

Photoshop CS2 RAW

Anyone who is serious about digital photography and wants to produce the best possible picture needs to shoot and process RAW… this book will help Digital Photographers Go RAW

February Photoshop Madness

MadnessA great month for Photoshop tips, tricks, tutorials, antics… and more! * Harry Potter Style Special Effects * General Photo Composition * Liquify Filter Warp Tool * Tutorial Junkies «Become and Alien» tutorial * Curled Corner Tutorial * Psychology of Color * Photoshop CS2 Smart Objects * Ring of Fire effect * Sharpening Photos Smartly… and we revisit a Feathering article. But seriously folks… it’s true Photoshop Madness

Convert a Photo to a Pencil Sketch2005 BEST

MadnessOne of our most frequently asked questions is how to convert a photo to a pencil sketch or drawing… to the rescue comes Tim Shelbourne who shares a full pictorial tutorial from his Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook! This is the best tutorial online for learning how to Convert a Photo to a Pencil Sketch

January Photoshop Madness

MadnessOkay, I’ll try to refrain from the negative with only positive links. In all the madness it’s very difficult. This month get a Creative Shot-in-the-arm * Snow, Santa retouching, and paper for the Holidays * Robin Klein’s extraordinary vision *’s superb tutorials * Deke Duz Image Wrapping * Matrix Wallpaper * Skin Retouching * Bruce Fraser color terminology… and more Photoshop Madness

October Photoshop Madness

PhotoshopThis month’s Photoshop Madness column includes * Apology for comments last month… Convert color into grayscale * Surreal Sports * Watermark Action * Getting Good Prints * Creating Flexible Documents in Photoshop CS2 * Deke Duz Vanishing Point Tool * Replacing Objects and Filtering * Assembling Panoramic Photos * Photoshop Metal Madness and Gradient Blur Plug-Ins * Oh Pleeeze, Photoshop Me … and others in this month’s Photoshop Madness

September Photoshop Madness

photoshop madnessThis month’s Photoshop Madness column includes * Photoshop Alzheimers – yes, it can afflict software too * Articles: Adobe Bridge & Camera Raw * Beauty Retouching in Photoshop * Tutorials: Change the Color of a Sunset * Hand Tinting * Several excellent PDF downloads for Photoshop users * Duotones Revisited * CS2 Up to Speed … and others. Photoshop Madness

Ten things to do with Photoshop CS2

Shaun Pearce …that you couldn’t do before! Yes, CS2 is a major upgrade and Shaun Pearce is back with another of his top ten lists — this time Ten things you can do with Photoshop, but couldn’t do before!

Eye Candy 5: Nature & IMPACT

alien_skin New Photoshop plug-in. Eye Candy 5: IMPACT includes 10 filters that give you seriously the IMPACT you need… chrome, bevels, glass buttons, extruded objects, Zoomed & Backlighting, perspective shadows and more. You really should check this out… Eye Candy 5: IMPACT

Upgrading to Adobe Photoshop CS2?

George EngelMacintosh computer authority and writer George Engel takes a look at the latest Photoshop upgrade from Adobe… after a bit of trouble, sez: «What a great adventure this is, and an affordable and very worthwhile upgrade.» Photoshop CS2

July Photoshop Madness

Since so much is going on in the Photoshop world we’re going to start a potpourri column that will cover a broad array of «stuff» we know you’ll like — including our Photoshop Pro of the month Jarvis Grant from the Washington, DC area, along with free filters, brushes, layer styles, tutorials and a lot more… it’s simply Photoshop Madness

Guest Tutorial for Photoshop

Our guest tutorial this month features an easy Photoshop step-by-step for converting color images to good black and white images, called: «Making Black/White in Photoshop» sent in by Richard Schneider.

Adobe CS2: Sharing Palettes

if you’re wondering «How can I use colors in a stock photo as a shared palette across Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications?» here’s good news — the Adobe Expert Support staff shows you how to Share Color Palettes Between CS2 Programs

Carving and Debossing in Photoshop & Elements

debossing In this Photoshop 911 seminar we answer a reader’s question on how to carve images out of a background. It’s called «debossing» — but we’ll show you some other valuable layers and filters tricks too, as we… Carve an Image into the Background using Photoshop

Photoshop Cut-Outs

CutoutsThis reader requested a tutorial on cutting a logo out of a piece of fabric using Photoshop version 6 under OS 9.1 on a Mac. The screens may look different, but the technique is virtually exactly the same no matter what version or system you use to … Cut a logo out of the Background

Photoshop & Elements for Sepia Prints

PSESepia In this Photoshop Elements seminar we answer a reader’s question on how to achieve the warm sepia tone look of old-time photos. We’ll dispel a few rumors about sepia tones, and provide some tips for Photoshop and Photoshop CS users as well. See: Sepia Tone Photographs

Adobe & Orange County Choppers

OCCOrange County Choppers (OCC), a motorcycle shop that builds custom choppers and is also the focus of the popular television show, American Chopper on the Discovery channel. Take a look at how graphic designer Jason Pohl utilizes Adobe software for Orange County Choppers

Ten things to do with Photoshop

Shaun Pearce There are literally hundreds of things the professionals do with Adobe Photoshop. But for most people many of those things aren’t needed… however everyone needs to know these Ten things you can do with Photoshop, but probably aren’t!

Beauty Retouching

Beauty Retouching How to remove blemishes from photos, and giving skin the fashion magazine look are some of our most frequent questions. Now we invite you to see some spectacular retouching from the incredibly talented photographer and photo retoucher from Vinica, Croatia — Marija Matijasec, as she shares some tricks on Beauty Retouching

Interview: Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

CherHelping us all celebrate Designing Women Month, artist, designer, author and educator, Cher Threinen-Pendarvis visits to chat about Photoshop, Painter and using a graphics tablet to expand our creative digital painting techniques… we think you’ll enjoy getting to meet The Master Painter

Photoshop: Fill Type with an Image

PSEPhotoshopThere are many ways to achieve results in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Here, we answer several readers’ frequently asked questions — in the process you’ll learn a number of essential Photoshop tricks with selections and layers for Filling Type with an Image

Photoshop: Paint in Grayscale

PSEPhotoshopThere are many ways to achieve results in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Here, we demonstrate how to utilize brush coloring modes to actually paint color to grayscale! You’ll see both Photoshop and Elements examples in this tutorial Painting Color to Grayscale

Changing Colors in Photoshop Elements

PSEelementsPeople write in wanting to know how to change the color of everything from their cloths to their cars to their houses. Here, we’ll show you how to change the color of any object you find, simply by using the Photoshop Elements «Replace Color» command

See: More and More Photoshop Learning and Help

the saga continues with hundreds of more pages of great Adobe Photoshop content…continues on the next page…

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