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Se han vendido de todo por la red, hasta con pí­xeles se hizo alguien una fortuna. Ahora Gerald Fraller, de 29 años da una vuelta más de tuerca, él vende su alma en su web:

Este chavalote pide a los internautas a cambio de entrar en el sorteo de su alma, el ganador podrá escoger el nombre de sus hijos, menudo chollo!!! Además de parte de su patrimonio.

Gerald nos explica que en realidad es un negocio y que todo tiene un sentido cuasi filantrópico, de lo que recaude piensa donar parte a una fundación que ayude a los que sufren de depresión. What a wonderful world!!!

Hollywood ya está gestionando la historia para llevarla al cine, espero que con final feliz.

Hi there! I»™m Gerald and I am offering you a chance to own my soul. Now I know what you»™re saying… how can someone sell his soul.

Let me start by saying this is not a publicity stunt. This is a real contest. The winner of my soul will enter into a binding contract that offers them specific benefits of soul ownership.

It»™s really a very simple business proposition that goes something like this:

  1. You donate funds for a chance to win my soul. Each dollar donated gets one entry in the drawing. The proceeds go towards helping me change my life. I am also going to use a large portion of the money to start a foundation to try and help people that are suffering from depression. We all have value and it is my hope that through a community effort, we can change the world. All it takes is one idea and one person to believe. I believe.
  1. In return for your donations and support, I offer the winner certain rights to various aspects of my life, such as entitlement to a percentage of my taxable income for the rest of my life, the option to decide the names of my kids, sharing in the profits of my endeavors and inheriting a portion of my estate.

There will be a definite winner and that winner will receive among other things:

  • A percentage of my taxable income for the rest of my life with a guaranteed minimum of $500.00 per year. Click Here to see a copy of my 2004 W2.
  • The right to choose the first name of all of my children. The name has to be gender specific and cannot contain profanity or derogatory words.
  • A percentage of profit ownership of any intellectual works that I create.
  • The option of planning my wedding, including selecting the date.

.:Welcome to the «Win My Soul» Website:.:

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