WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet infografía

WordPress está instalado en más de 74 millones de sitios, tanto de WordPress.com como la versión WordPress.org o dicho de otra forma Existe 1 sitio de WordPress por cada 101 habitantes

Os dejo una super-mega infografía que me ha hecho llegar su autor Jamie. Es probablemente la más completa que he visto, incluye los:

  1. atajos de teclado para aumentar la productividad cuando uses WordPress
  2. y todas las Template Tags categorizadas según su función

Esta es la introducción al gran trabajo de Jamie:

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging systems out there, with over 74 million installs (source). Even if most of those users are on the hosted wordpress.com version of the service, that’s still an awful lot of installations.

And that’s no surprise: whether you’re using the hosted version or the stand-alone wordpress.org version, WordPress is a very powerful, flexible CMS. Novice users can take advantage of the built-in graphical interface for modifying their site and its content, while more advanced WordPress users are able to create their own customizations with the software’s templating system.

Although this flexibility and customizability means WordPress installations can be set up to fit just about any need under the sun—from a small personal blog to an administrative back-end for a major corporation’s entire website—it can make breaking into WordPress administration daunting.

Don’t despair! Makeawebsitehub.com have put together a WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet with everything from keyboard shortcuts to code, tags, functions, and page filenames.

No matter what your skill level and need, there’s bound to be something in this to help you out.

Here are just a few ways you could make use of the cheat sheet:

  • Boost your productivity by learning keyboard shortcuts for common WordPress administration tasks. Overwhelmed with comments on your blog? Shift + A will set all comments you’ve selected to be approved, while Shift + S will move them to the spam folder.
  • Take WordPress’ distraction-free writing option (Alt + Shift + W) to the next level by memorizing all the formatting shortcuts. No need to hunt in the menu bar for the «list» option when you can just hit Alt + Shift + O and keep typing. If you’re not certain about your spelling, Alt + Shift + N (spellcheck) has your back! (And if you’re on a Mac? We’ve got you covered, with both Windows and Mac versions of the shortcuts.)
  • Build your own theme by modifying some of the WordPress templates. The cheat sheet groups common code tags together by functional area, making it easy to figure out how to insert the name of a post’s author, a link to the next post on the blog, or dozens of other things.

WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet

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